Budget BKR® Tiller & cultivators Online USA 2022

BKR® Tiller & cultivators

Tillers and cultivators are typically used to mix loose soil, especially when adding soil amendments. It’s critical to select the appropriate equipment for the job, taking into account your size, power, and fuel needs. Heavy-duty employees known as tillers and cultivators break up stubborn soil and prepare it for cultivation. For larger operations, you can choose between a lightweight model for your small flower or vegetable garden and a heavy-duty model with various tiller widths. BKR Hand Push Tiller quickly breaks up the dirt & hard clay soil to prepare it for planting. It has dual rotary tines that digs in large or narrow spaces to flip soil thoroughly. An innovative transmission design and powerful 2 stroke petrol engine makes this small tiller deliver heavy-duty performance. A multipurpose machine to make digging, rototilling & weeding fast, easy & fun.

BKR® Tiller & cultivators Features

  • It should be used in the land that has already been ploughed using the tractor and has sufficient moisture.
  • Displacement 52cc / 2.4Hp
  • Harvey gear box & Hardened Blades
  • It is used for intercultivating, turning the soil, weeding, aerating, and making rows for plantation
  • Easy start