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Black+decker Battery And Charger

The use of cordless tools is one of the most significant advancements on the job site. Because they are portable, powerful, and cable-free, a reliable battery charger should be an essential component of any serious tradesperson’s or savvy DIYer’s toolkit. BLACK+DECKER manufactures high-quality power tools and hand tools, that are engineered to make operation easier and convenient. This automated vehicle battery charger provides an optimum charging output of 12.8-Volts. It can quickly revive deeply discharged batteries with a safe and easy charging mechanism. This automated battery charger provides 3 speed charging with 2Amp, 8Amp and 12Amp current. It provides fast charge to revive deeply discharged batteries in order to get them functioning again.

Black+decker Battery And Charger Features

  • FAST – High Frequency Automatic amp Selection for Optimum Charging
  • SAFE – Can be Left On Without Risk Due to Floating Charge Stage
  • SMART – Can Revive Deeply Discharged Batteries LED Display
  • Internal Short Circuit Protection. Lightweight and Compact Design. Provides a charging output of 12.8V.
  • It has a charging display LED in green colour indicates progess