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Bosch Multi Tools

Cordless Multi Tools can be your best friend if you do a lot of multitasking at home or at work. It slices, grinds, sands, and scrapes, and it can do all of that in hard-to-reach places. The majority of accessories, batteries, and chargers available on our website are compatible with cordless multi tools. The Bosch multi tool is incredibly versatile and has become an essential part of most tool collections, conveniently allowing clean and efficient plunge cuts, trimming of excess materials, detail sanding in tight areas, removing grout, and all manner of other jobs that would otherwise have required a selection of specific tools to complete. The Bosch multi cutter has an oscillating cutting action so is the perfect problem solver for many different cutting applications. The Bosch oscillating tool offers maximum power transmission, allowing fast work progress, the adjustable speed settings improve precision and accuracy

Bosch Multi Tools Features

  • Wide range of applications: Different Starlock accessories can be used for the tool. The included “Universal Set” accessories covers following multiple application range: Cutting, Sanding, Sawing, Scraping
  • Optimal visibility: The multi-tool provides consistent illumination thanks to its 180° light band
  • Tool-less accessory change: Quick and easy, 3-seconds accessory change with just one push on the lever thanks to the AutoClic system
  • Handy tool box: Easily store the tool in the included SystemBox Size S and the Universal Set accessories in the small accessory box
  • Power for ALL 18 V: The additionally available battery is compatible for all products within the green Bosch Home & Garden 18 volt system and Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaners