Good price for DGK Petrol Hedge Trimmer Online USA 2022

DGK Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmers and Hedge Cutters are gardening tools or machines that are used to trim (cut, prune) hedges or single shrubs (bushes). Hedge trimmers with motors can get the job done faster and with less effort than manual hedge trimmers. Hedge trimmers with blades of 20 inches or larger are ideal for thick branches and large, established hedges. Left-handed people may find it easier to use double-sided blades. DGK 2 stroke hedge trimmer features a 2 stroke engine with a displacement of 26.5 ccs. It is enabled with a tank that can hold 1 litre of fuel. It consumes 0.85 kW power and has a teeth pitch, which is 30 mm in length. It facilitates swift and easy trimming of hedges or bushes with a speed of 6500 rpm. It can hold a sizeable amount of the hedge onto its teeth with a cutting length of 24 inches. Features: It comes with a 2 stroke type of engine. The hedge trimmer is endowed with an engine displacement of 26.5 cc.

DGK Petrol Hedge Trimmer Features

  • Lightweight, petrol hedge trimmer with Heavy Duty Engine
  • Dual-Action Blade – Dual-sided serrated blades cut swaths up to 24″” wide and limbs up to 1” diameter
  • Low Noise – Effective low noise engine design will not disturb you or your neighbors
  • Easy Starting – Equipped with powerful, easy-to-start, full-crank, 2-cycle engine for maximum cutting performance
  • Powerful engine with 60 cm blade Durable, robust and sharp metallic blade
  • Fuel mixture ratio: Two-cycle Oil (25:1), Starting system: Recoil