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iBELL Corded Heat Gun

You can get a Corded heat gun if you need to heat something in your home or office. To help protect you from the extreme heat of a burn, you should have at least one in your home or office. There are many models on the market with various power settings, allowing you to use the Corded heat gun to heat up a variety of items. A Corded heat gun is very handy, and it can be used in a lot more places than you might think. Heat guns are a versatile and useful power tool that can be used for DIY (Do It Yourself) or professional purposes. It has numerous applications in and around the home, as well as in the garage for professionals.

iBELL offers a 2000W Heat Gun with two temperature and airflow control settings that can be used for a variety of heating applications. It enables you to perform household and industrial tasks with ease while also making your work more comfortable.

iBELL Corded Heat Gun Features

  • Light weight, easy to use heat gun for lab, workshop and home use.
  • Dual temperature(350°C & 550°C) and air flow (250L/Min & 550L/Min) settings.
  • 4 type of nozzle attachments for different operations.