For Inditrust Clamp Hand Tool Online USA 2022

Inditrust Clamp Hand Tool

Clamps are flexible hand tools that are used to hold work in place for a short period of time. Examples of clamp types include C-clamps, bar clamps, pipe clamps, deep-throat bar clamps, one-handed bar clamps, spring clamps, ratchet-action band clamps, mitre clamps, and hand screws. The purpose of a clamps hand tool is to apply force to a workpiece and press it against the locating surfaces, holding it in place against cutting or other processing forces. These are made of durable, high-quality materials.

Inditrust Clamp Hand Tool Features

  • Quality is trustworthy:- Main body High carbon steel material, using electroplating process High carbon high chromium alloy tool steel SKA61 material blade, more durable
  • Versatile use – Can be peeled, cut, crimped
  • Safety protection – Avoid cutting your fingers
  • Careful inspection, perfect packaging – Before the goods are sent out, our staff will check the product to make sure it is perfect and will be safely handed over to the customer.
  • High working efficiency, More assured in use – Designed with the International standard of connectors, perfect for working together