Get a Stanley Garden Cart Online USA 2022

Stanley Garden Cart

Garden carts are two-wheeled vehicles with straight sides used to transport tools and/or garden materials like soil, stones, and plants. Garden carts can be flat or have sides, with the sides flipping or folding down. The Garden Cart is propelled by a pull handle. Garden trolleys have narrow profiles that allow them to fit easily on paths and walk without causing damage to plants.

Stanley Garden Cart Features

  • ENVIRONMENT AND USAGE tough pneumatic wheels for easy and safe steering on rugged surface. With our Stanley Handtruck FT520’s heavy duty, anti-puncture pneumatic tyres your sack truck will stay in tip-top condition for years to come.This trundler trolley can be used inside, outside, in commercial warehouses, industrial factories, retail stores, by delivery services, and professional movers
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL HAND TRUCK ‘Multi-utility foldable Hand Truck with 120 kg capacity€“ ideal dolly cart for transporting heavy, bulky and large items, boxes and furniture around the home, garden or workplace. Made of tough steel for added strength and durability. Designed for challenges of real working environments, Stanley Hand-Truck combines user friendly features with rugged build quality for safe, easy and secure moving
  • SOLID FRAME AND DESIGN ‘Easy to assemble. Solid frame made of high-quality tough steel for added strength and durability. The base plate can be folded inwards after use. The top frame slides into the bottom frame for convenient storage. The Footplate size is 290 mm x 310 mm; The ergonomically designed telescopic plastic grip handle with knuckle protection offers a comfortable grip €“ and makes the trolley extremely user-friendly
  • COMPACT FOR CONVENIENT STORAGe A big advantage of this Stanley Hand Truck is that they are foldable. Versatile utility cart folds and opens in seconds. Once you’re done using them you can easily fold the handle and the base plate. Space-saving telescopic handle for convenient storage. Getting your items caught in the wheels is frustrating so Stanley Hand truck’s wheel guards protect your stuff from catching in the truck wheels to keep you moving.
  • SECURE MANOEUVRING OF LOADS Lightweight at 10 kg. Strong, rigid, steel handle for secure transport of loads. Move oversized items of all shapes around the home or office with our Stanley Hand Truck. Whether you’re moving boxes or unloading the car, this heavy-duty hand truck does all the heavy lifting. The sack trolley is therefore highly manoeuvrable and can also be used in constricted spaces.