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Bosch Die Grinders

Cordless die grinders have been among the most popular hand-turned machines for decades, and their popularity appears to be increasing in recent years. The cordless die grinders can certainly provide the heavy-duty power that you need at a price that you can easily afford, thanks to their simple construction, great performance, excellent price tags, and easy availability. The Bosch cordless Die Grinder’s high-performance engine has a long life cycle and is extremely stable and dependable. Furthermore, its light weight makes it simple to use and reduces user fatigue. The Bosch Professional GGS 18 V – LI Cordless Straight Grinder is a voltage class grinder that is extremely tough and long-lasting. For a long life, a four-pole high-performance motor is used. Low weight (only 1.8 kg) for easy handling and minimal user fatigue Innovative Cool Pack batteries provide optimal heat dissipation, extending battery life by up to 100%. The smallest design for optimal handling, especially in tight spaces. ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) by Bosch protects the battery from overcharging, overheating, and deep discharge. EMP (Electronic Motor Protection) protects the motor from overload and extends its life.

Bosch Die Grinders Features

  • Extremely robust and durable 4 – pole 
  • high – performance motor for a long lifetime 
  • Low weight (only 1.8 kg) for comfortable use and low user fatigue 
  • Innovative Cool Pack batteries ensure optimum heat dissipation and therefore increase lifetime by up to 100 Percent 
  • The most compact design for perfect handling