Budget Dewalt Combi Drill Online USA 2022

Dewalt Corded Combi Drill

A Corded Combi Drill is a versatile tool that can drill and drive screws in two modes. You can choose between low and high torque on the Corded Combi Drill, which determines how much power the drill uses to drive the screw. The two-speed, nine-volt Corded drill provides the speed you need for all your drilling, sanding, and screwdriving tasks. You won’t have to worry about seeing in the dark because it has a built-in LED work light. DEWALT is a pioneer in the manufacturing of industrial power tools and accessories. This combi drill machine is developed with DEWALT’S technology. It has variable operating modes that offer efficient drilling, hammering and chipping functions. This power tool is made with high grade and durable material to endure heavy-duty applications.

Dewalt Corded Combi Drill Features

  • It has a powerful 800 watt motor with 3 mode function (Rotary drilling, Hammer drilling and chipping)
  • It has a variable speed trigger for total control and forward and reverse option
  • Rotation-stop for light chiseling applications in brick, soft masonry and occasionally concrete
  • Electronic variable speed for total control in any application
  • Mechanical clutch eliminates sudden high-torque reaction should the bit jam
  • Rounded ergonomic industrial design allows easy and comfortable handling in any application
  • Ideal for drilling anchor and fixing holes into concrete and masonry from 4 to 26 mm in diameter