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Einhell Angle Grinders

Even the toughest materials, such as metal, iron, and stone, can be easily cut with Einhell angle grinders. Everything is possible with this electric tool, including sanding, cutting, and roughing, and at a reasonable price. Both as a corded and cordless model, the tool impresses with its compact size and provides maximum performance and perfect handling. You can easily work overhead, even in niches and corners, thanks to the slim design.

Einhell  Angle grinder Features

  • Battery for the Power X-Change system – can be used in other products
  • The Lithium-Ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery. There is almost no self-discharging, and it is small and easy to handle.
  • Angle grinder with the lightest weight in its class
  • To make it safer to use, it has a softstart function and a restart safeguard.
  • For a long service life, there is an overload cut-out.
  • For better cooling and a longer service life, the air guidance has been modified.
  • Because the motor and gearing are separated, the operation is very smooth.
  • Disk protector with quick-adjust feature
  • Housing for the gears is made of strong aluminium.
  • Slim design with soft grip surfaces that are ergonomic.
  • Additional handle can be positioned in three different ways