On sale Gorilla Garden Cart Online USA 2022

Gorilla Garden Cart

Garden carts are two-wheeled vehicles with straight sides used to transport tools and/or garden materials like soil, stones, and plants. Garden carts can be flat or have sides, with the sides flipping or folding down. The Garden Cart is propelled by a pull handle. Garden trolleys have narrow profiles that allow them to fit easily on paths and walk without causing damage to plants.

Gorilla Garden Cart Features

  • Tough And Durable –

34-inch long x 18-inch wide steel mesh bed and 10-inch pneumatic tires

  • Easy To Use –

Innovative frame design allows for quick and easy assembly while offering smooth steering, sturdy rigidity, and ample ground clearance

  • Versatile Hauling –

Side panels are removable to accommodate larger loads

  • Comfortable Pulling –

Padded pull handle makes it easy to pull up to 400 pounds