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Black+decker Coffee Makers

The Black+Decker 12 cup drip coffee maker is the perfect coffee maker for your entire family. Let your coffee come alive with great taste and rich aroma with the Black+Decker 12 cup drip coffee maker. With its sleek design and advanced functionality like the digital display feature, 1.5L carafe which can make 12 cups of coffee and many more. The digital display manages up to 4 functional features which makes it convenient to use. The automatic shut-off function serves as an added safety feature. Even if you forget to switch the machine off on your way out, the 12-cup drip coffee maker will shut-off automatically. Entertain in the comfort of your home with that perfect brew, thanks to the Black+Decker 12 cup drip coffee maker. 

Keep Warm Function

This unique feature helps keep your coffee warm up to 2 hours post preparation. After the brewing is complete and the water tank is empty, the hot plate on which the carafe is placed continues to heat the carafe and keep the coffee warm until switched off completely.

Electronic Control with Digital Display

The electronic display comes with 4 functional options. This helps control the brewing process which given coffee, the way you like.

Black+decker Coffee Makers Features

  • Suitable for up to 12 Cups of Coffee at a time
  • Electronic Control with 4 Functional Options
  • Digital Display
  • 1.5 Litre High Temperature Carafe with Water Level Indicator
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Permanent Nylon Filter for durability and Long Lasting life
  • Anti-Slip Feet