Makita EA6100P45E Petrol ChainSaw 18 inch 3.4 kW


Makita EA6100P45E Petrol ChainSaw 18 inch 3.4 kW

As one of the most portable petrol chain saws, the Makita EA6100P45E – 450mm Petrol Chain Saw makes the tree cutting or pruning comfortable and convenient. The Makita Petrol Chain Saw has a 450mm saw with highly sharp teeth. Its precise design along with light-weighted body makes the Makita EA6100P45E saw easy to handle and use. Due to the presence of anti-vibration components like rubber, this cutting tool produces low noise. With a heavy duty 60.7 cc engine, this chainsaw gives high performance. Its ability to function for an extended period makes it one of the most preferred chain saws among users. With a fuel tank of 0.48 liter capacity, this tool consumes petrol in lower quantities.

Strati ed scavenging system complying with many exhaust emission regulations.

Low-vibration system with damper springs to absorb vibration from engine to integrated front and rear handles.

Centrifugal separation system effectively removes dust particles away from intake air and reduces dust stuck on the filter.

Easy start-up with spring-assisted recoil starter reduces user’s fatigue by drastic reduction of resistance caused when the starter rope is pulled.