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Bosch Mitre Saws

Cordless mitre saw for heavy-duty cutting power. Cordless Mitre Saws are capable of completing a wide range of woodworking tasks with ease and precision. A cordless mitre saw can handle any job, whether you’re a professional carpenter or handyman who cuts small woodworking projects around the house for personal satisfaction or a weekend warrior who mows lawns for extra cash. Bosch mitre saws are mainly designed for cutting wood at an angle, such as door or windows frames and can be used on other materials such as plastic. They come with a high cutting capacity and variable speeds for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for jobs that require a number of cuts to be made and on larger projects. Several models come with dust extraction and laser cutting guides to allow a clear view to ensure the perfect cut. Safety features include a blade guard and electronic brake on most products. Suitable for both domestic and commercial users.

Bosch Mitre Saws Features

  • Cutting capacity, 0 degree 70 x 312 mm
  • Cutting capacity, 45 degree mitre 70 x 214 mm
  • Cutting capacity, 45 degree incline 48 x 312 mm
  • Mitre setting 52 degree L/60 degree R
  • Incline setting 47 degree L/2 degree R
  • No-load speed 5,500 rpm
  • Saw blade diameter 216 mm
  • Saw blade bore diameter 30 mm