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Dewalt Drywall Cutter

A cordless drywall cutter is the best tool for fastening plasterboard and drywall panels. Cordless systems can be used to install trim, wallpaper, and gypsum board. Electric drywall cutters outperform cordless drywall cutters in terms of speed, power, safety, and ease of use. The components of the system do not require a wall outlet, and the batteries can be recharged multiple times before being used again. TheDewalt Drywall Cut-Out Tool has a 26,000 rpm motor with a tool-free bit change. Dust-sealed switch protects against dust ingestion for longer tool life.

Dewalt Drywall Cutter Features

  • Tool-free bit change for fast and easy bit changing
  • 26,000 rpm for fast cutting speed
  • Adjustable depth stop for improved control when plunge cutting sheet material
  • Dust sealed switch provides durability and long switch life
  • Supplied with 3.2mm (1/8″) and 6.4mm (1/4″) collets, compatible with most rotary tool accessories
  • LED illuminates cutting area for improved visibility of cut