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Milwaukee Inflator

An air compressor that can be plugged in but does not have a cord is known as a cordless inflator. In fact, a rechargeable battery can be used with this type of air compressor. The cordless tyre inflator, also known as a refill or rechargeable inflator, is a popular tool among tyre technicians for inflating tyres (both off-road and on-road). It works on almost any vehicle and for almost any purpose, including flat tyres and general tyre maintenance. Many people prefer cordless inflators because they are not attached to people and, as a result, are much easier to clean out if an accident occurs. The Milwaukee® M12™ Compact Inflator delivers fast, accurate, easy inflation with the portability to take anywhere. With the capability to complete demanding applications like car, LT truck, and compact equipment tires, the M12™ Compact Inflator gives users ultimate power and efficiency. Rated to deliver over 120PSI, The high efficiency motor and pump top-off car tires in under 1 minute. The TrueFill™ Auto shut-off technology delivers highly accurate pressure, protects from overfill, and automatically senses speed of fill to deliver precise shut-off at the desired PSI. Additionally, the unit includes a large easy to read back-lit LCD, anti-vibration feet, and 26” inch hose with an all brass Schrader chuck.