Buy Dewalt Corded Sander Online USA 2022

Dewalt Corded Sander

It is more convenient to use Corded sanders. One Corded machine may be able to perform the same tasks as a larger corded machine. By eliminating tripping hazards, you can save time during installation and keep your workstation clutter-free. Sanding, scrubbing, and cleaning floors made of wood, plastic, or metal are all done with Corded Sanders. Suitable for a wide range of sanding tasks, including stock removal and ultra-smooth finishing. Corded Sanders’ powerful motor is precision-engineered to deliver enough power to handle even the most demanding tasks. Random orbit sanders are hand-held sanding power tools with a random-orbit sanding blade. DWE6421 is a random orbit palm sander with a 12000 rpm spin speed. The separate counter weight design reduces vibration, and the motor is protected from dust ingestion by dust sealed switches.

Dewalt Corded Sander Features

  • Perform and Protect Series line is an innvotive concept by Dewalt. Products in this series pass strict criteria and have better Control, upto 50% lower vibration and Industry leading dust extraction systems.
  • 280 watt motor with 12000 orbits per minute, providing ideal sanding speed for all materials
  • Low vibration allowing for extended usage without fatigue
  • Built in dust extraction port allowing direct connection to dust extractor also called Dewalt Airlock system
  • Textured anti-slip top and body grip provides ultimate comfort and control during use
  • Hook and loop paper for consistent adhesion and fast changing