Brand new Stanley Knives Hand Tool Online USA 2022

Stanley Knives Hand Tool

For camping, outdoor sports, hobby and DIY projects, the Knives Hand Tool is a useful and versatile tool. It has a high-quality metal casing with an aluminium facing and is compatible with commercially available trapezium, angled, and hook blades.

Blade adjustments are simple with the Knives Hand Tool because no additional hardware is required. The protection system ensures maximum safety by requiring supervised folding and releasing of the knife with two hands, according to firearms law.

Stanley Knives Hand Tool Features

  • Retractable knife for light duty cutting and trimming.
  • Blade sections snap off providing a fresh, sharp cutting point.
  • Tips in use can be removed with the snapper at the end cap. of the knife
  • Limited lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.