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Plunge saws are great for making smooth, straight cuts, and they’re often used with a track or guide to increase accuracy. They work when the blade is sunk to the required depth and engages with the workpiece. The machine can be fed at the beginning of the material or plunged directly into the centre when cutting out worktops for sinks and hobs. When cutting flooring or worktops, the blade’s flush housing allows it to cut very close to the edge of a wall. DeWalt plunge saws use a lowering motion to cut various materials. Their advantage over other similar products is that they can start the cut anywhere on the material because of their plunging design. Ideal for use with a guide rail for accuracy. Great for use in smaller spaces due to the compact size of the tool, and lack of extra products required for its use. Cordless products ranged for extra portability and convenience. Ideal for commercial use or smaller workspaces. DE WALT DCS520T2 Plunge Saw 54v gives the trade the power of corded and the freedom of cordless plus the 42 tooth blade gives fine, accurate finishing with very little breakout when cutting laminates. Features of these superb FLEXVOLT Plunge Saws includes parallel plunge action allowing a smooth and constant hand position while cutting, an anti-kickback function that stops the saw from moving backwards along the rail and helps stop the saw from climbing out of the work piece when plunge cutting. 55mm depth of cut allows trimming and sizing covers most common sizes of door and the enclosed guard gives around 90% dust extraction capability. Handy variable speed adjustment allows the correct speed to be set for various types of material to be cut plus easy rail adjustment allows the DCS520T2 to be adjusted quickly and accurately to the guide rail.