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Makita Plunge Saws

Plunge saws are great for making smooth, straight cuts, and they’re often used with a track or guide to increase accuracy. They work when the blade is sunk to the required depth and engages with the workpiece. The machine can be fed at the beginning of the material or plunged directly into the centre when cutting out worktops for sinks and hobs. When cutting flooring or worktops, the blade’s flush housing allows it to cut very close to the edge of a wall. The DSP600ZJ is a cordless plunge cut saw powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries (not included), to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system, high powered compared to the corded equivalent. The brushless motor delivers up to 6,300 rpm for faster cutting. The motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life and uses energy to match torque and rpm to the changing demands of the application.

The Plunge Cut Saw has soft start for smooth start-ups, variable speed control dial with an electric brake. The Saw has a large cutting capacity of 56mm at 0 degrees, 40mm at 45 degrees and 38mm at 48 degrees. Bevel capacity of -1 degrees to 48 degrees with a positive stop at 22.5 degrees. The precision accurate cutting delivers a splinter-free mirror finish, easy to set depth adjustment with large scale and locking lever to hold the blade in position so the at the wrench can be inserted through the hold in the blade case for easier blade instalation. Features Automatic Torque Drive Technology, automatically changes the cutting speed according to the load condition for optimum operation.