Get a Corded Impact Driver Online USA 2022

To push or loosen broad screws, the Corded Impact Driver delivers both rotational and linear blows, as well as pressing the bit into the screw head for improved grip. The torque performance of this drill driver is far superior to that of a standard drill driver.

Corded Impact Drivers With The Best Brands

Makita and Milwaukee, two of the most well-known Corded Impact Drivers brands in India such as Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, festool, etc., have introduced a new line of power tools and accessories for their customers at the most competitive prices.

Makita Corded Impact Drivers

Variable 4-Speed Makita Corded Impact Drivers For optimal performance in extreme conditions, eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) provides maximum protection against dust, debris, and liquids.

Bosch Corded Impact Drivers

Impact drivers from Bosch come with a variety of features. More durability and precision while remaining as compact as ever. Brushless motor technology and an improved impact mechanism result in a 100 percent longer lifetime. Screwdriving accuracy is improved.

Milwaukee Corded Impact Drivers

Among all the tools, the Milwaukee Corded Impact Driver is one of the most powerful. With 1800 in-lbs of fastening torque, this tool not only drives screws faster, but it also gives you more control over power and speed thanks to its 4-mode DRIVE CONTROL.

Corded Impact Driver Features

Corded Impact Drivers with the highest torque ratings can achieve the best fastening results. For example, soft grip and variable-speed triggers add power to all application areas, especially those that don’t require as much torque. The majority of Corded impact drivers have an LED light for working in low-light situations. Check that the trigger is turned on to avoid draining the battery if it is accidentally engaged.