Metabo Combi Drill

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Exclusive Metabo Combi Drill

Metabo Combi Drill is a versatile and powerful tool designed to meet the demands of both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. This compact yet robust drill combines the functionality of a drill driver and a hammer drill, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With its high-performance motor, the Metabo Combi Drill delivers impressive drilling and screw-driving capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly tackle tasks such as drilling into wood, metal, masonry, and more.

The drill's hammer function is particularly noteworthy. It delivers the necessary impact force for effortless drilling into concrete, brick, or stone, making it an excellent choice for construction and renovation projects.
When considering the purchase of a Metabo Combi Drill, you're investing in a high-quality, versatile, and dependable tool that will empower you to tackle a wide range of drilling and screw-driving tasks with confidence. With its exceptional build quality and robust construction, this drill is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use, ensuring it will be a reliable companion on your projects for years to come.

Types of Metabo Combi Drill

Metabo Cordless Combi Drills:

These models are designed for maximum mobility and convenience. They come with powerful lithium-ion batteries that provide ample runtime, making them suitable for both on-site and off-site applications. Cordless Combi Drills are available in various voltage options, catering to different power requirements.

Metabo Brushless Combi Drills:

Featuring advanced brushless motor technology, these drills offer improved efficiency, longer motor life, and extended runtime. Brushless motors generate less heat and friction, resulting in less wear and tear on the drill and longer tool lifespan.

Metabo Compact Combi Drills:

Ideal for working in tight spaces or overhead applications, these drills are known for their compact and lightweight design without compromising on power. They're perfect for tasks that demand maneuverability and precision.

Metabo Heavy-Duty Combi Drills:

Built to handle the toughest tasks, heavy-duty Combi Drills are engineered with robust construction and high-torque motors. They excel in drilling into challenging materials like concrete and masonry, making them a go-to choice for construction professionals.

Metabo SDS-Plus Combi Hammers:

These versatile tools combine the functions of a combi drill and a hammer drill with SDS-Plus chuck technology. They are optimized for drilling into concrete and are often used in applications requiring both drilling and chiseling.

Metabo Combi Drill Sets:

These sets typically include a combi drill along with a selection of essential accessories like drill bits, screwdriver bits, and carrying cases. They offer a comprehensive package for users looking to start or upgrade their tool collection.

Metabo MultiVolt Combi Drills:

Offering flexibility, MultiVolt drills are compatible with both 18V and 36V batteries, providing users with the option to choose their preferred power source based on the task at hand. This versatility is especially valuable for professionals working on a variety of projects.

Metabo Brushed Combi Drills:

While newer models often feature brushless technology, some users still prefer traditional brushed motor drills for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Metabo offers a range of brushed Combi Drills to cater to these preferences.

Features of Metabo Combi Drill

  • Versatility: Metabo Combi Drills are versatile tools that combine the functionality of both a drill driver and a hammer drill. This dual-purpose design allows users to handle a wide range of drilling and screwdriving tasks with a single tool.
  • Powerful Motors: These drills are equipped with high-performance motors that deliver ample torque and speed, making them suitable for drilling into various materials, including wood, metal, masonry, and concrete.
  • Variable Speed Control: Metabo Combi Drills offer variable speed settings, allowing users to adjust the drilling speed to match the specific material and task. This feature enhances precision and control.
  • Hammer Function: The hammer function in certain models provides the necessary impact force for drilling into tough materials like concrete and masonry. This makes them ideal for construction and renovation projects.


  • Quick-Change Chuck:

The quick-change chuck design simplifies bit changes, enabling users to switch between drill bits and screwdriver bits quickly and without the need for additional tools.

  • Ergonomic Design: Metabo pays attention to ergonomics, ensuring that their Combi Drills are comfortable to handle for extended periods. Ergonomic handles reduce operator fatigue and enhance user comfort.
  • Battery Technology: Cordless models come with advanced lithium-ion batteries that offer long-lasting power and quick charging capabilities, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Brushless Motor Technology: Some models feature brushless motors, which are more efficient, have longer lifespans, and generate less heat compared to brushed motors.
  • LED Worklights: Built-in LED worklights illuminate the work area, enhancing visibility in dimly lit environments and ensuring accurate drilling and screwdriving.

Benefits of Metabo Combi Drill

Time Efficiency: Metabo Combi Drills streamlines tasks by offering versatile functionality. Users can easily switch between drilling and screw-driving modes, saving time and effort.

Precision: Variable speed control and ergonomic design contribute to precise drilling and screwdriving, minimizing the risk of over-tightening screws or damaging workpieces.

Durability: Metabo is known for its robust construction, ensuring that their Combi Drills are built to withstand the demands of professional use. This durability translates to a longer tool lifespan.

Portability: Cordless models provide the flexibility to work in various locations without being tethere to a power source. Enhancing mobility and convenience.

Safety Features: Metabo Combi Drills often come with built-in safety features such as electronic clutches. That prevent overloading, protecting both the tool and the user.

Versatility: With a range of models catering to different needs. Users can choose a Combi Drill that best suits their specific tasks and projects. Making them versatile tools for both professionals and DIYers.

Safety Considerations:

  • Protective Gear: Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses or goggles. Hearing protection, and work gloves when operating a Combi Drill.
  • Read the Manual: Familiarize yourself with the user manual and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe operation. Maintenance, and storage of the tool.
  • Secure Workpieces: Ensure that the workpiece is properly secure before drilling or screwdriving to prevent it from moving unexpectedly.
  • Use the Clutch: When using the drill for screwdriving, set the clutch.To an appropriate level to avoid over-tightening screws. Which can damage the workpiece or the fastener.
  • Keep Work Area Clear: Maintain a clean and organized work area, free from clutter or obstructions that could cause accidents.
  • Battery Safety: If using a cordless model, follow safety guidelines for lithium-ion batteries. Including proper charging and storage to prevent overheating or damage.
  • Proper Storage: Store the Combi Drill in a dry and secure location, out of reach of children. Away from moisture and extreme temperatures.