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Milwaukee Mitre Saws

Cordless mitre saw for heavy-duty cutting power. Cordless Mitre Saws are capable of completing a wide range of woodworking tasks with ease and precision. A cordless mitre saw can handle any job, whether you’re a professional carpenter or handyman who cuts small woodworking projects around the house for personal satisfaction or a weekend warrior who mows lawns for extra cash. A mitre saw will allow you to make cuts at a variety of angles with the help of a spinning blade. Perfect for both commercial or casual use, look for a compound feature which can pivot left and right as well as tilting to produce bevelled cuts. Some models also offer a sliding mechanism to allow the user to move the blade back and forth, allowing you to cut larger pieces of wood with greater thickness such as fencing posts. Blade size is also an important factor, the larger the diameter the more depth and height of cut you can achieve.

Milwaukee Mitre Saws Features

  • Delivers the power to cut at the same rate of an equivalent AC 305 mm saw with the ability to cut up to 500 pieces of 78 mm pine base board on one 12 0 Ah battery charge
  • Next generation POWERSTATE brushless motor REDLINK PLUS electronics and REDLITHIUM-ION HIGH OUTPUT 12 0 Ah battery pack deliver superior performance durability and run time in high demand applications
  • Large sliding fences gives maximum support to the material being cut providing stability and accuracy
  • Trenching stop with depth adjustment allows the user to make trenching and rebate cuts
  • ONE-KEY tool tracking & security offers a cloud-based inventory management platform that supports both location tracking and theft prevention